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LPCB Certified High Security Bar Sets (Window Grills)

Simbars manufacture a unique range of hardened steel bar set systems which are certified by the LPCB to LPS1175 issue 6, SR3 and SR4 security level. Certificate Number 932.

We were the first manufacturer to achieve a SR3 and SR4 rating. Please refer to our listing in the BRE Red Book:

Simbars Red Book Listing

Our security bar sets are designed with ease of installation in mind. Each section usually weighs below the manual lifting limit, which allows them to be built up quickly on site, removing the need for mechanical lifting equipment in most cases. This is a great advantage, especially when being fitted internally

Bar set being testing by the LPCB 
Bar set being testing by the LPCB

Other Security Products

We have a highly specialised hardening system for the expanded metal panels used in cages and fencing systems. This achieves a much higher resistance to cutting and bending in comparison to the standard material, and can offer savings in both the cost and weight of the product.

Cage Cage Cage
A selection of our cages

We have vast experience in providing unique security solutions to the utility sector, such as rotary gates and security cages.

Rotary Gate Rotary Gate 
Rotary Gates


Simbars (UK) Limited is registered in England. Company registration number 4753304