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With Simbars ISO 9001: 2008 accreditation you can be assured of full traceability of materials and the quality control of finishes.

Rilsan Nylon Coating Black

The ultimate long lasting coating for steel.  

At Simbars, we have been coating in house with this material for over 20 years.
Rilsan® nylon is extremely hard wearing, scratch and chip resistant, warm to the touch, fully DDA compliant and kind to cycle frames.

The products are first fully shot blasted in our automatic wheelabrator machine before being heating to 350 oC and then dipped into our fluidized bed of Rilsan® powder. On contact with the hot surface the Rilsan® melts and flows out to a smooth even surface fully encapsulating the product with an average 300 micron thick coating, a process known as Rilsanisation®.

Rilsan® is made from a renewable plant source and provides the perfect solution for enhanced corrosion protection.

Stainless Steel Grades 304 and 316

We have many years experience of working in these materials and can offer guidance in using the correct grade and finish.

Bright Polished and Satin finishing is carried out in house on our comprehensive range of  machinery ensuring a long dependable service life.

Armoured Sheen ® Stainless Steel

An exciting new development for street furniture offering not only a much tougher finish than conventional stainless steel but also enjoying a long lasting maintenance free surface.

The stainless steel products are shot peened in our automatic wheelabrator machine to give a work hardened, scratch resistant surface.
They are then electro-polished, which is the reversal of the electroplating process, where a small amount of material is selectively removed, leaving a highly corrosion resistant surface with a beautiful bright sheen finish.

Galvanized Steel

Recognised for being long lasting and corrosion resistant.  Our products are galvanized after manufacture to BS EN ISO 1461 standards.

Galvanized Steel and Polyester Powder Duplex Coatings

Used where a specific colour is required. After galvanizing the products are lightly sanded  to produce a key to ensure good adhesion of the powder to the galvanized surface minimising the risk of chipping.
A large range of RAL colours are available.

Armoured Sheen® is a registered trade mark of Simbars (UK) Ltd
Rilsan® is a registered trade mark of Arkema






Rilsan Coating

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